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Donny Viszneki-3

On Oct 23, 2005, at 10:34 AM, Benjamin Grauer wrote:

> SDL/SDL.h -> found
> SDL/SDL_ttf.h -> !! NOT FOUND !!
> does anyone know how to do this properly (in a

I deal with this on a regular basis, it's pretty simple.

Firstly, if you'd read the SDL docs properly you'd know you aren't
supposed to include "SDL/SDL.h", you are supposed to include "SDL.h".

Now to continue down that vein, you should pass compiler flags like


> so far, the script does not like my including
> LIBS="$LIBS -framework SDL -framework SDL_ttf -framework SDL_image"

Your linker flags are alright, however I've noticed most
autoconf-generated configure scripts check for the existence of a
main() routine resulting from trying to link a main-less program to
SDL. The problem then is that you must also link to libSDLmain.a, which
you will generally do by using the linker flag -lSDlmain. If
libSDLmain.a isn't in your linker's search path, you'll have to add it
to your linker's search path using -L/path/to/libSDLmain.a. To give you
some idea where to find it, in the source distribution, before
installing, it ends up here: SDL-1.2.8/src/main/libSDLmain.a


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