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Re: [Tuxpaint-devel] Tux Paint rebooting WinXP!?

On Friday 07 October 2005 16:51, Bill Kendrick wrote:

> Hello SDL and tuxpaint-devel folks...
> I just received this from an asst. principal of a school that's used
> Tux Paint at home, and is hoping to use it at his school, except...
>   > I installed Tux Paint on the IBM S51's at school (XP Pro) -
>   > installation went fine - no errors etc. - and when I attempt to start
>   > it up (by desktop icon or through the Programs menu) the computer just
>   > reboots. No error messages to indicate problems - just reboots. The
>   > only thing I didn't do was install the optional rubber stamps. I have
>   > used both the Zip file and the Windows installer versions of the
>   > download with the same result.
> He didn't say, but I can only assume he's using the latest (0.9.14)
> version. I've asked for any further details he can send about the WinXP
> version.

That is a common behavior of XP. My first thought upgrade to Win2K. Second
thought upgrade to Linux. :)

Otherwise there's a solution to apps causing a reboot in XP. You have to go
into Startup and Recovery where there are options for setting the shutdown
and reboot options when (not if) XP crashes.
Kai Ponte

linux - genuine windows replacement part

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