SDL 2.0.3 Renderer problem.

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SDL 2.0.3 Renderer problem.

I updated the SDL i use to 2.0.3 to stay updated and i ran into this weird problem where the SDL window i create, when i give it a renderer, disappears for half a second with a white screen then reappears working 100%. This didnt happen on my old pc,Is it because im using SDL and CodeBlocks on a flash drive(its faster than installed on the pc, ALOT faster Razz)? I tried fixing it but SDL hates me for some reason :/


win = SDL_CreateWindow("Win", 50, 50, 640, 480, SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN);
ren = SDL_CreateRenderer(win, -1, SDL_RENDERER_ACCELERATED);
When i remove the renderer the screen doesnt disappear at all but when i put it back in it starts doing it again.

Please help,

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